Hello World!


You were meant to find your way here.

Perhaps we’ve met in class, at an audition, or, if we’re really lucky-on set. Maybe you’re wondering about the spontaneous, wacky woman who ushered you headlong into the brand new world of yoga….

I started this adventure to explore the marriage of my two worlds-teaching yoga and acting. I also intended to document the wonderful, miraculous way yoga has turned my world upside down and inside out. I’m fortunate enough to have two jobs that never feel like work. I truly love teaching, and the whole process of acting from auditioning through to the film festival Q &A is pure bliss for me.

And then I realized that people ask me questions. All day long. Before and after class, on the subway, at auditions, on the street as I race up and down Ninth Avenue between classes:

“Can yoga REALLY change my life?” “Is there a pranayama that will reduce cellulite?” “How do I do a full wheel with my new breast implants?” “Why do I feel like crying in certain poses?” “How can you be so calm before an audition?” “Can you help me?”

And I’m always happy to answer, taking from my training, the transformations of my students, and my own life experience. If I don’t know the answer, then I will ask someone wiser, do some research, and come back with the wisdom you’re seeking.

Although I do get a lot of singular questions, I realize that a lot of people are wondering about the same issues. I’d love to answer your questions here so that I can reach more people at one time. Please write to me through the CONTACT ME button, and I’ll post the responses here. Of course, I’m happy to protect your identity-I will not list your name unless you request it.

I’m also delighted to engage in respectful dialogue in the “Comments” section anytime. Let’s hit the mat!

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Life though my eyes...Actress based in NYC. Yoga philanthropist.

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